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Private Office

This Paris office is situated in a historical part of the city and combined the new house style of the company together with local influences in a new collaborative working style. The dusty image major companies within this sector had was to be brought into the 21st century, with more collaboration, mix of open and enclosed spaces and a friendlier material selection.


Interior Design / Workplace





reception view01 copy.jpg

It al starts with a warm welcome. When entering this amazing office building in the heart of Paris you are surrounded by amazing historic architectural and interior details. This was lost in the old design and layout of the office.

The brief was to take the dusty and male focussed interior into the 21st century. With a friendlier, strong and warm material pallet with an open reception and designed with a mix of open and enclosed working environments.

Viva la France

umbum-um347-l-arc-de-triomphe-paris-france-1-300 copy.png

How to create an inspiring and collaborative new way of working office environment within a historical building within one of the worlds most romantic cities? The challenge was to make sure that not only the people in the office felt at home and inspired, but also the clients that would come from all over the world.

kitchen view02.jpg
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