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EY Aberdeen

As part of a new way of working strategy set out by Verjid, EY moved into a new shared office building at 2MSQ in Aberdeen. Moving from a 3 story building into a single floorplate. More about collaboration, agile and task based work settings with focus on collaboration and motivation. 


Interior Design / Office






EY took the opportunity to be ahead of the curve when it came to agile working strategies. Before the pandemic forced many organisation the rethink their working strategies, EY was already on its way fitting out its agile work office in Aberdeen.

With more focus on collaboration and individual work settings, their new office lowered its carbon footprint, its overall size and the layout of the office to accommodate their new strategy in agile working.

Building a better 
working world


EY took their ethos into the design of their own offices. Designing and building a better working world, this time for its own people.

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