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A'dam loft

Pride and Prejudice was the name of the project where minimalism was key and the main love of their vintage Honda bike was to shine through the design within the 2 bedroom canal apartment in Amsterdam.

The design was strongly focussed on minimalism and details of the finishes, with a prime focus on a vintage motor bike. 


Interior Design / Residential






A full monochrome interior was designed that focused on the colourful street and canal life outside as well as the vintage motorbike taking a center stage in the apartment.

Hard and soft materials were mixed to create an ultimate practical and stark home interior. The interior canvas was left blank, where the owners can take there own touch to create colour through objects they take home from their travels.

Love for vintage

honda-cb350-h-ness copy.png

The love for their vintage motorbike and the interior for their canal loft in Amsterdam had one major thing in common, simplicity. From the monochrome colour set to the clear and simple lines. Even the materials used in the interior where taken from the minimalist material selection found in the bike.

Amsterdam appartment01.jpg
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