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Jasmine Restaurant

The Jasmine Restaurant is an established Indian restaurant in Glenrothes, Scotland. With their old premises being demolished a new double story building was purchased to create their new Indian infused restaurant and cocktail bar. 


Interior Design / F&B





view private dining 1.jpg

With more space and a new vision for the angle the restaurant wanted to take a new interior design and branding was part of the early briefing stage. Making sure that the restaurant kept elements of the Indian culture, yet making it modern and fresh.

The buffet style serving was kept and will be part of their new restaurant. With a great selection of family recipes of curries and other dishes combined with a newly created cocktail bar to serve a new clientele. The design elements where taken from traditional and modern elements of the owners background.

World Cuisine

Takeout-Kit-Indian-Butter-Chicken-Meal-Kit_2000x-1 copy.png

The restaurant serves not only authentically prepared curries and other Indian dishes, but also food from other parts of the world with a slight twist. The design of the restaurant allows it to feel authentic yet modern and appeal to a wide variety of people.

Chicken Curry
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