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Glen Travel

Going on a cruise is special, some will only do this once in their live. To book a cruise should feel as special as when you step on board. That was the main concept for this travel agent specialising in luxury cruises.


Interior Design / Retail


Bar Travel



glen travel.jpg

Together with the latest technology in immersive experience, we created a fully unique design concept for the new travel agent of Bar Travel. specialising in luxury cruises.

With elements of nautical and luxury cruise interiors we came up with a unique interior design that captured that ideas of the clients perfectly. 

Raise the bar on
your adventure

A cut above the rest in luxury cruise experiences, that is what Glen Travel stands for. The customer experience is key and that already starts with the booking process. Now you can visit your cruise in virtual reality and experience that feeling while booking. Let's raise the bar of booking luxury cruises.

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