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Samurai Restaurant

For a private client in the Netherlands, I designed the interior for their Japanese restaurant. Samurai is a modern Japanese restaurant that brings flavours from Japan to the Netherlands. From briefing, to concept creation and branding we designed the whole experience from start to finish.


Interior Design / F&B





japanese restaurant 01.jpg

The concept of the interior design was taken from the food, the Japanese landscape and culture with a modern take. The materials and design was carefully chosen the same focus as put in choosing the right ingredients within their food.

I wanted to make sure that when stepping into the restaurant, you would feel like stepping into parts of Japan. Being surrounded by quality craftmanship and nature that Japan has to offer.

The art of
the Samurai

The care and precision a samurai cuts is the same care and precision put into the food of the restaurant. Again the importance of care and precision within the interior design and workmanship was very important to take a centre stage and came through the design of the restaurant.

Takeout-Kit-Indian-Butter-Chicken-Meal-Kit_2000x-1 copy3.png
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