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Steak House

This high end steak house restaurant serve the finest cuts of meat in a modern and inviting atmosphere. Our interior design project aims to create a warm and rustic ambiance that complements the delicious flavours of the dishes served. From the lighting to the furniture, every detail has been carefully chosen to enhance the dining experience. 


Interior Design / F&B





steak house 01.jpg

With more space and a new vision for the angle the restaurant wanted to take a new interior design and branding was part of the early briefing stage. Making sure that the restaurant showed elements of the nature of the cuisine and quality of meat reflected in the quality and detail of the interior design.

The details of the existing architecture of the interior of the building enhances the other design implementations and create an overall quality, modern yet cozy dining experience.

Brazilian Steak House


The restaurant serves not only the best quality cuts of steak, but also neat dishes with a twist, where the focus is on using all parts of the animal within its selection of dishes. The design of the restaurant allows it to feel authentic yet modern and appeal to a wide variety of people.

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