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Ashurst Glasgow

Finished office at 20 Waterloo Street in Glasgow. Ashurst was a client that was brought into the 21st century with their new office concept: The Habitoor – the new human face of their organization. People make Ashurst, from a standard 90 – 100% person to desk ratio they have now adopted an innovative way of working between office and “anywhere”.


Interior Design / Office





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Ashurst is a global law firm that has embraced a new way of working strategy for their global portfolio of offices. 

The Glasgow office with over 500 staff plays a crucial part within their operation. Most of the support staff is located within this office and collaboration is key to the success.

Collaboration =
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The Glasgow office changed from a 100% occupancy at desk to 60%. This allowed to reduce the space while increasing collaboration and group working spaces. The 5th floor was completely dedicated to collaboration and shows the progressive way of thinking within Ashurst's long term strategy.

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