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H Gym

As part of their office refurbishment, Hutchison asked for a gym to be incorporated within their building. A gym that can be used by employees and doubles up as a showroom for major clients in the gym industry that Hutchison serves as part of their core business in lighting and AV design and equipment.


Interior Design / Sports





gym view 02 v1.1.jpg

The gym has a double function within the company. Firstly the business takes a pro-active approach to mental and physical health, therefor adding a gym to their office gives employees the freedom to use the gym during office hours.

Secondly the gym acts as a showroom for external clients in one of the main sectors the company operates in. Showing off what can be done with their products and services within gyms across the globe. 

Healthy body =
Healthy mind


Creative and positive employees are created by giving them the services and spaces that will influence them to be better and healthier people. The gym is one of these elements that can make a great impact on mental and physical health of employees.

gym view 04a.jpg
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