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Office Chengdu

Verj+id was appointed to take on the role as lead designer for the architectural, landscaping and interior services for the concept of a new build Office building in Chengdu, China. From early stage concept development, throughout to interior design, landscaping, materials and lighting.


Architecture / ID





chengdu office 07.jpg

Set in a rural part of the city, this newly designed villa sits on a large plot of grass and woodlands. The client wanted to keep privacy yet feel open within the design principles. 

The villa has a closed look from the public, yet opens up completely within the rear of the property, overlooking the amazing woodlands. 

Designing a house is one thing, but to create a home is a complete different challenge


Nick Roemer


Living Rural

The ability to live rural yet close enough to the city is what attracted the owners to this particular plot. The house needed to make a statement within its environment and was set over a single level to fully combine all areas of living.

chengdu office 05.jpg
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