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Fam Branding

A spin off food and hospitality company from a family restaurant, FAM Hospitality took Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food inspired dishes to the streets, with simple yet delicious dishes inspired from the family kitchen. The outset and briefing for the client branding exercise were fun, multicultural and street, something that was taken to the next level via logo design, branding and 3d design.


Branding / F&B


FAM Hospitality



fam kitchen trailer01.jpg

The first element was understanding the family business, the new street business and the story behind the food. It started with the logo where inspiration was found from the way food was being served and the swoosh represents this.

An old horse trailer was sourced and turned into a new street savvy street food operation on wheels. With a bold colour combination and stand out branding when set up or on the road.

Family street food - hummus_PNG53.png

All dishes are prepared with a family recipe and combine different styles of food from the Middle East and Mediterranean kitchen. The branding made sure it was young, vibrant and colourful as much as the owner of the company is.

fam kitchen trailer01.jpg
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