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Global Consultancy Office

The way we work has changed, we are looking more and more for flexibility and inclusion. Integrating all the different types of work settings and conveniences that an environment like this can offer. Verj+ID was appointed to look at the new working strategy for this global Consultancy firm and translate this data into a physical working environment. 


Interior Design / Workplace


Global Consultancy



consultancy office 01.jpg

Different types of work settings, from collaboration, focussed work, meeting spaces and lounge areas make this into great space to connect, grow and work, which was really aligned with the clients new working strategy.

Finding your perfect place to work within this bright and modern working environment. The office is all about connecting people, collaboration and integration. The office design allows for seamless integration of the wider teams.

We are all different - group-of-friends-with-a-computer-walking-0001-small (1).png

The biggest positive about the office design is that it caters for all types of people and how they like to work. We are all different, we all work best in different settings, times and with different tools. That makes this environment so inclusive and special. A place to find yourself.

consultancy office 03.jpg
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