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Watch Store

Verj+id was involved in the creation of a new watch store experience for a Scottish watch brand and bringing it into the Middle East. The concept of the store was taken by elements of nature in both the Middle East as Scotland and combined this with elements of time, one thing we all have in common.


Interior Design / Retail





watch store 01.jpg

The message was clear, simplicity yet bold with a strong character representing both time and place. A brief that was well understood by and taken to its full potential. Setting the brief and understanding the company and owners was the first step into bringing this concept to life.

It is not just a retail store, this was all about the time pieces and the customisation of them through a series of design options available for each watch. This concept was the first translation into bringing the brand to different places in different time zones.

Your time, your watch

tapster-contactless-watch-strap-leather-brown_c copy.png

As part of the overall experience of this watch brand is the opportunity to customise your watch completely to make it your own. Able to choose from a selection of watch faces, straps and buckles it makes your watch even more personal.

watch-straps-2022-11-09-14-58-50-utc copy.jpg
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