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Fashion Boutique

The starting point of this concept male fashion boutique was to create a high end male fashion store that could fit seamlessly in larger airports and other transport terminals. With a large offering of shops within airports and transport terminals and people transitioning through, I created a male fashion boutique that stands out from the crowd.


Interior Design / Retail





fashion boutique 01.jpg

The interior design of this male fashion boutique was inspired by the British heritage and high end materials and finishes from British design.

Retail is all about experience and making people feel special. That is something this concept store definitely does. The quality of the fashion items is showcased through quality retail displays and props.

British Heritage 
and Fashion

The quality of British fashion and design was the starting point of the concept design of this retail store. Quality materials, retail displays and bold colours were used to mimic the detail found in British fashion and design

Takeout-Kit-Indian-Butter-Chicken-Meal-Kit_2000x-1 copy343435.png
Takeout-Kit-Indian-Butter-Chicken-Meal-Kit_2000x-1 789.png
fashion boutique 03.jpg
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