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Wine Bar

This newly designed concept for a wine bar in Scotland, was to bring wine tasting to the foreground and more available. It is more than just drinking wine, it is about the history, the process of making and the full experience that comes with understanding wine. This new concept allows for a great experience into the world of wines.


Interior Design / F&B





restaurant 01 copy.jpg

Choosing a restaurant is normally easy to do, the only challenge is to choose what type of food you are in the mood for. Choosing a bar has the same approach, but nothing was really available for a similar experience for wine tasting. 

Rather than wine tasting at home or at a vineyard, we bring wine tasting into the 21st century. In a great and comfortable hospitality setting a story is created that guides you through the process in a physical and virtual experience.

Experience wine with
all senses

Tasting wine is one thing, but really experiencing wine with all senses is a complete different adventure. Seeing, smelling and tasting wine, while being in a full immersive experience is what this new wine bar brings.

restaurant 04.jpg
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