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Aesop Brazil

This project looked at creating a new concept store in Brazil for Aesop. The brand and the interior follow the same set of rules. Minimalist let the quality do the talking. The interior let the products do the talking, materials and design has been taken from the coffee export in Brazil together with the clean lines of the products itself.


Interior Design / Retail





beauty store 04.jpg

As a concept development for a retail experience for Aesop I came up with a new concept store for a location in Brazil. With tight connections to the coffee industry this formed the baseline of the concept.

Clean lines within their products and marketing followed through within the interior design of this concept retail space. Together with the connections to the coffee industry which formed the base colour and material scheme of the store.

Considered and 

A well considered and original interior concept is well in line with Aesop's branding and ethos. The products do the talking, clean, minimalist yet very considered and original give this concept store a great customer experience.

pampas-grass-dried copy1.png
aesop-0886-7519443-1 copy.png
pngtree-coffee-beans-food-real-png-image_9145291 copy.png
beauty store 02.jpg
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