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RGT Sports

Verj+id was appointed to come up with a new concept for a sports retail experience. Elements and movement within different sports where taken as a starting point for the concept, furthermore an innovative approach to interactive retail design was taken to create a full immersive experience.


Interior Design / Retail





sport store 01.jpg

From the moment you walk past the store you're eyes are drawn in, guiding you through a world of sports fashion and items. From interactive displays, customise your own sneakers to in store online shopping for a wider collection and experience. 

With the competition being fierce this store brought out the big guns to show off a full immersive experience together with sustainable materials and with instore online shopping was able to reduce its footprint dramatically without loosing products.

Retail isn't dead, the future of retail is interactive and all about providing an experience that goes further than just products


Nick Roemer


Interactive Shopping


Verj+id is working on on more than just the physical retail experience. As part of the design the interactive submersion into a variety of sport settings will allow you to really live the story and products. This is retail to a whole other level.

sport store 04.jpg
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